The Consultation

Your first consultation will take up to an hour and will consist of you telling Clare, in as
much detail as you can, all about your complaints, and then as much information about
yourself as you feel comfortable with.

You will probably be asked:

  • The symptoms of your illness and what affects them
  • Your medical history from your mother's pregnancy onwards
  • Some family medical history
  • Your appetite
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • The regularity of your bodily functions
  • Your activities both occupational and recreational
  • Your emotional state
  • The way stress affects you

Then what?

A remedy or remedies will be prescribed and dispensed and instructions on how to take

Sometimes you will be advised on nutritional ways to improve your health and supplements
may be suggested.

You may be asked to come back in about a month for a follow-up appointment. At this
session I will interpret and assess your response to the remedy and decide how to continue
treatment from there if it is necessary.

What will it cost?

First appointment             approximately 1 hour                     £60

Follow up appointment    approximately 30 mins                     £45